An interview with Eamon Gavin (HLP Klearfold’s Structural and Graphic Designer)

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About Eamon Gavin.

Eamon Gavin is HLP Klearfold’s Structural and Graphic Designer. Eamon’s day to day work day involves designing packaging (Structural and artwork), helping European offices/customers and getting involved in all design-based tasks. Eamon loves to get stuck into any project set for him

1) How have you enjoyed your first two years here at HLP Klearfold?
It has been an interesting and stimulating first two years at HLP Klearfold. I extremely enjoy my role and have had the opportunity to work on some great new design. I also enjoy working with both the Customers around Europe and our production team in China, as well as offices around Europe.

2) What is your favourite part about working for a global company?
My favourite part of working for a global company is having a chance to work on multiple projects around Europe and beyond, for example, one day I could be working on artwork for a French cosmetic company the next on redesigning packaging structure for a German electronics company. No day is the same here at HLP Klearfold and it is very rewarding.

3) How have you managed to keep up with trends when working on samples and working with customer requests?
I work very closely with our Media & Marketing Team to ensure the latest packing fashions are applied and advised to our customer if needed. I also work as part of the European Sales Teams to make sure I am also keeping up with trends across the globe.

4) With all that is being said in the news regarding plastic, what do you think is the right way to go about the situation?
It is a hard question and one to which there is not a straight forward, simple answer. I believe that education is key in helping the plastic crisis. Putting in educational investment into waste management and recycling processes in each country to give everybody the best chance of knowing what plastics they are handling and how they can be recycled.

5) What have the design team been doing to work towards more sustainable packaging?
We are looking into multi-use packaging and assisting our Sales Team in promoting the use of RPET with a recycled content. Our marketing team are also doing their best to post blogs regarding the plastic situation, advising and educating the public on how to handle the products HLP Klearfold produce.

6) Do you see much of a design difference in different parts of Europe?
There isn’t much of a difference in design between the European countries, the styles are always very similar. All HLP Klearfold offices around Europe are constantly in contact with each other and communicate daily so new designs are highlighted.

7) Do you find customers are open to suggestions in the design of their packaging?
Yes, on the whole companies are very happy to discuss their packaging requirements especially when costs and impact on the environment are reduced. Companies are also more than happy to have a conversation regarding their artwork if it assures a better outcome for their packaging. As a global company, HLP Klearfold is always happy to help with either the design or structure of companies packaging, on the other hand, some companies come to us knowing exactly what they want and that Is also great.

8) HLP Klearfold doesn’t just create standard shapes for products, how do you find innovation when it comes to designing unique shapes and sizes?
I invest time in researching the latest trends in packaging to find innovation for new packaging ideas. I also like to go back to previous bespoke shapes I have created in the past, to see if there are any further elements I can add or ways in which it can be further advanced.

9) Do you have any new upcoming projects?
HLP Klearfold and I are working on some exciting, new projects and have some interesting projects coming up in the future. Everybody will have to stay in touch to keep updated.

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