Interview with sales – UK Office

1) What is your favourite part about working for a global company?

The access to other cultures and the opportunity to take ideas from all over the world and adapt them to suit an alternative market and it’s citizens. Production centralised in a single factory offering state of the art skills and technology is a huge advantage to all connected to HLP Klearfold. Having design, development and customer support spread far and wide but closely linked offers matching benefits for cross referral, flexibility and creativity.
This is a key strength of HLPKlearfld globally.

2) Have you seen a change in the plastic packaging market over the years that you have worked for HLP Klearfold?

The most notable change has been the total demise of PVC matched by the increase in usage of PET. This in all areas of rigid, lightweight packaging. The force behind this change was entirely environmental, it became clear that the production process of PVC had unpleasant side effects and that PVC was impossible to recycle. PET and now RPET are far more acceptable in this regard. It is now widely accepted that if collected correctly PET can be used again and again. It has therefore become the material of choice when clarity is required and the core material used by HLP Klearfold.

3) With all that is being said in the news regarding plastic, what do you think is the right way to go about the situation?

Plastic is an essential to life in the world of today. It must be seen as an asset to be respected and specified wisely not as a disposable unattractive commodity used instead of the “real thing” to reduce cost.
The collection and reuse of plastics in general needs to be managed and encouraged. The process of collection, selection, reprocessing and distributing for further use needs to be commercially viable if the target material is not to be wasted. Governments have to create this environment and create a belief in individuals that the recycling chain is both worthwhile and robust. HLP Klearfold reuses all it’s process waste. To go further it needs to be able to source reliably post consumer recycled PET to the right quality and at an affordable price. Currently this is not easily done.

4) What methods do you use to introduce HLP Klearfold to new potential clients?

Here at HLP Klearfold, we use a wide range of introductions to our service. This includes face to face meetings, phone calls, and our new website. The new HLP Klearfold website gives a detailed explanation of who HLP Klearfold are and the quality of our clear printed packaging. The website also shows potential clients what design effects HLP Klearfold have on offer, and a lot of information on the plastic we use.

In my opinion the best and most beneficial way of introduction to HLP Klafold for both sides remains a face to face conversation. It takes no longer than 30 minutes but generates so much interest and never fails to stimulate ideas.

5) Do you enjoy traveling and having face to face contact with clients?

Yes, it is one of the most proactive approaches to clients. Face to face meetings allow us to have a closer relationship with the client and we can get really stuck into the projects. HLP Klearfold also offer speculative samples, so we are able to suggest and show packaging samples, thus helping us to really understand what it is the client is seeking.

6) Do you enjoy trade shows and exhibitions?

Trade shows really give an insight into what is happening in the packaging world. It’s a great chance to see what trends are in. Personally I enjoy searching for potential clients and really getting a feel for their product.

7) Do you find clients are open to suggestions in the design of their packaging?

Although most companies know what they are looking for in their packaging, clients welcome the opportunity HLP Klearfold provide to discuss alternatives. This is especially true when cost and impact on the environment can be reduced. Our design team are always on hand to advise the best path to go down to further improve on the clients packaging.

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